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Never allow anyone to turn your sky

into their ceiling ...or worse your 

ceiling into their basement floor!

(Charisse Arrington)

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Hey there and welcome. Thank you for taking time out to drive by my site. Nice to see you here. If you don't know me, I am Charisse Arrington, performing singer–songwriter, producer, recording artist. With all humility, yeah I know, that was a mouthful :) 

In terms of sharing a few written music sound-bytes about myself...hmm, let me see? 

 I don't really have any clever or perfect words to sum me up. I am probably a bit too complicated for that. So, I'm just going to borrow from the talented Erykah Badu's cool lyricism and state it this way..."I was born underwater, with 3 dollars and 6 dimes."  If you did your math, you will know what I'm talking about (smile).  


Though what I can say is, I come and alive and am passionate to express and share my music. I got this thing way down deep in my bones. I love creating music. More so, it is my huge joy to invite those who are resonant with me, not to just watch and follow; rather, to come with and travel this beautifully unfolding journey with me--all while I unveil, even to myself...the melodious moments of me, perfectly imperfect...360 real.  

Now, as to my planetary debut into this world? My birth would find its package welcomed in the arms of the most wonderful parents in the wondrous mecca of Chicago, Illinois. I am told that I made my entry having to push past 2 days of intense labor layovers. My poor mom (and dad). But hey, I'm not surprised. Big glorious productions seems to be my thing.


My parents used to tell me, I always seemed to be sonically amused and preoccupied by my own babbling. They said, it was as if early on, I seemed to be composing some sort of melodies, by way of the cacophony of goo-goo gaga cooing noises I would make. They just didn't know, this was a tell-tell sign of what was musically to come. But as I grew up, and would sing non-stop around the house (almost to annoyance), they were to soon find out.

As a child, even before my love for singing made itself known, I discovered that I had a knack for easily writing poems. This would later evolve and lead me to discover that I also had songwriting abilities. 

 It just so happened that in my grade school years, during one my away summer vacations, one of my maternal aunt's who I was visiting, would one day peek in on me privately singing behind a closed door. This same aunt, would immediately begin grooming and having me practice vocalizing on end daily. I didn't like that part much. Nonetheless, this sparked and kicked off my creative talents to arouse its bubble and boil. My aunt would start to sign me up to local talent competitions where I would showcase and ultimately work on honing my singing skills. Oh yes, I was now off to the races. My musical gifts were now ready to jockey for its place in the world.,

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As not to cause you to possibly drowse too much...let me fast forward to the birth of my written single that opened up a door for lil ol' me to ignite a small artist bidding war. 


Looking back, I can still remember being in the shower when the lyrics to a song I penned entitled, "Down With This" first popped into my head. This song, along with 3 others that I recorded, ended up on a demo that would grab the attention of several music heads and record companies. Ironically, after deciding to sign with the MCA/Universal label. This same "Down With This" demo that caught the attention of my label, would go on to release into the world and become my first single, still as a demo . Trust me, the label attempted to bring in other producers to remix the song. In most cases, that's what they usually do thinking they can make the song better. Yet, no other production could ever outshine the original demo that me and my production team created.


"Down With This," went on to become my first music baby released into the world. A catchy party banger, that went on to hit the Top 100 on Billboard's Hip Hop/R&B charts. It also peaked in the top twenty on the dance singles chart, and landed in the top five on the Billboard dance breakout chart. 

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And that's the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. (Well, at least as I know it :)  




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Everytime I hear Charisse speak or receive a life coaching session from her, it's like something just clicks.  Her  messages  are both simple, yet profound, and leaves me able to move forward with my career goals at an incredible rate and accomplish objectives I didn't think were possible. She is gifted as a professional speaker and is a mindset coach who brings a unique, creative approach to problem solving. I highly recommend her!

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