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Indeed a world void of music would have to be called something else.

For without the melodic deposits of its sentient lullabies, the world as we know it would be other than "sound" ...

ceasing to be any kind of world at all.


(Charisse Arrington)

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Although, I was only a kid, still, it was clear to me that I would grow up to be bonafide music lover connoisseur. Inheriting from both my avid music loving parents a deep affinity for music's ear candy, from the very first flirtation and audible note of its wink, my senses had been completely TKO'd and I was music love bug smitten.


Crushing hard on music's delights, I bathed in music diverse to the eclectic. Music's sweet libations soon became the constant crave of my taste buds. For hours on end, with every single chance I got, I would slip away into  headphones land which became my magic portal, transporting me away deep into the creative depths of delicious audio heaven.


Over the year's, music would go on to grow the greenery of my branches and greatly enrich my experience. Destiny had loudly called out my name, escorting me down her creative path for my artistic talents and abilities as singer/songwriter/producer to discover and climb her astounding altitudes.


Yeah, navigating music's skies can sometimes come with turbulence. Still, I wouldn't trade this marvelous, magical view for anything !


Music By Me...Especially Done For You!

It would be my absolute honor to help you capture the special moments of your life with an inspiring, created especially 'Just For You' CUSTOM CRAFTED SONG.

*And should you need I also offer Songwriting Consultations ( more about here) 


My penning skills are proficiently trained up and well-versed to write across a broad spectrum of music genre's, to include, R&B, New Soul, Pop, Country, Soul, Rock, EDM/Techno, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Inspirational and flavors of alternative categories in-between.


As a music creator and curator, I savor crafting lyrics that come from the heart, songs that nail the feel, range of emotions and personal experiences that my clients are wanting to reflect and express. I can deliver musical components from lighthearted to deeply heartfelt, reflective to empowering, hand-clapping good times to toe-tingling romantic, or a host of other written sentiments in between. 

My Custom Crafted Songs offer something for everyone and are the perfect anytime gift for individuals, brands, businesses, and business professionals. To accompany all of that, I also offer some other cool Custom Crafted Songs add-on's like...coming out to surprise and sing in person the custom song you have specially created for you or your special one, professional videotaping services of the event, personalized & highly customized song plaques with your requested song details on it, even your own sheet music if you'd like.   


As your music midwife of sorts, I pour my whole heart into customizing, interpreting and transcending the linear notes of your personal heart-felt expressions into a delivery of compelling, meaningful lyrics, melody and music...birthing into beautiful being and expression, your very own special Custom Crafted Song.


I just love the whole creative process of making Custom Crafted Songs because it allows me a pathway of opportunities to implant and spread joy via crafting personal song stories for people just like you.


I hope you will consider allowing me the honor of creating for you a one of a kind customized experience––featuring your very own personal music story footprint.







Something New Different & Unique - Experience The Experience

Let's face it. It can be difficult to transcend and articulate the depth and dimensions of your love or admiration for someone. No worries because fortunately, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Charisse Arrington can do that for you!

Charisse will sculpt and create a beautiful Custom Crafted Song that will leave your loved or special honored one feeling that they have received the coolest, most romantic or awesome gift ever. Not only will this be the kind of special gift that keeps on giving, but you will reap the rewards of huge brownie points for the generosity of your one of a kind thoughtfulness. 

*Individuals, Brands, Businesses, Personalities can all benefit from having the incredibly inspiring gift of their own Custom Crafted Song.


FOR INDIVIDUALS - Having your own Custom Crafted Song is a most memorable and long-lasting cherished way to celebrate the fabulous page-turns of your fabulous self, to tell a beloved sincerely how much you care, or an honored or someone special just how awesome you think they are. The possibilities are endless.


FOR BRANDS & BUSINESSES - No matter whether you are a Brand or Mission-Driven Business, you could have a Custom Crafted Song or songs created to promote your brand, giving the world a personalized, catchy jingle or theme song that further promotes and build your brand...a song unforgettable that will cause you to stay top of mind with your clients and customers. Not to me, a customized song is a great way for you to celebrate, show your enthusiasm and/or appreciation for your team, crew or an employee. I promise, it will be the kind of praise they never forget it...and if they do...they will have the song in their possession to play over and over again.


FOR PERSONALITY'S - Event Speakers, Authors, Podcasters, Creatives, etc., you too can have your own customized, Custom Crafted Song. This not only speaks mounds about your standout cool persona, but it can also go a long way in making you memorable to your audience, thereby escalating your brand and thus, your bottom line.

Just imagine how uniquely you'll stand out with your own Custom Crafted Song. Think about how it can help to elevate your persona and raise the bar for how you present your professionalism. Imagine how its energy will lift the vibration of the room or the crowd when heard and how welcoming you will be received each and every time your own song is playing, when you are introduced, hit the stage, rock the mic, or press the play button to begin your awesome event, show, pod or webcast.


Having your own Custom Crafted Song is not only a worthwhile investment to help enhance your presence, but ultimately, can add towards enhancing your bottom line. uniting your team, igniting the crowd/audience while building your brand. You will appear super impressive to your potential clientele, helping your presence land stronger on their radar, with them quick to remember your name or brand.


Experience the experience of the gift that keeps on giving. Order your Custom Crafted Song today! Your joy in knowing that you did will be with you for a lifetime.


Charisse is a talented singer, songwriter... whether personal or for your business, her skill for penning you your very own Custom Crafted Songs  is magical. It's as if she can read & translate the personal liner notes of your heart.

Author  of "The Kindred Spirits" Book Series

CEO of @45RecordsEnt ~



- Weddings
- Engagements 
- Anniversaries 
- Birthdays

- Vow Recommitment

- Wedding proposalS        

- Bridal Showers

- Baby Showers

- Retirements

- Bon Voyage 

- Welcome Home 

- retreats

- Graduations
- MilestONEs

- Celebrations

- Get well soon

- Honors & Congrats

- Just Because...

AND MORE . . .

How Charisse's Custom Crafted Songs Work? 

1. Charisse will personally consult with you to determine the unique content, feel, and essence of your song. Think of this as a fun and casual interview where she gets to know more about you, your loved one, friend, honored person or esteemed story. This is like a secret undercover mission between you and Charisse.


2. Then, Charisse will compose the melody of the song and write the lyrics. This is like a rough draft. She will contact you half way through the song. You will listen to the song, review the lyrics over email, and upon your approval. Charisse takes the next step.

3. Next up, Charisse will compose a rough draft of the melody of the song a write the lyrics.


4. Charisse will contact you half way through the song. At that time, you will listen to the song, review the lyrics over email, and upon approval Charisse takes the next step. ​


5. Your song is recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered in the recording studio.

6. We will gift wrap the hard copy CD, case, and lyric sheet. Even better, should you decide, you can ADDITIONALLY, if you would like you can also have a luxurious music industry custom song plaque with the lyrics made, as well as your own sheet music created .

***Now for the best part! If you want to make this EVEN MORE PERSONAL, Charisse will sing and unveil your song LIVE at your wedding, engagement, live event, or birthday celebration front of your family and friends.

You will get showered with love, affection, and appreciation. Trust us, we hear the amazing stories ALL the time...and witness a lot of overwhelming joy and happy tears!!

I want you to be excited about the possibility of giving such a unique and beautiful gift. In fact, this is MORE THAN a gift, it's an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives. So, take a moment to read Charisse's testimonials and listen to the song clips below. 


*Charisse takes a VERY limited number of clients per year, so plan ahead and reserve your order well in advance. Should you have any questions or simply want to get started, email Charisse today to start the conversation.




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