Music Story (Pt. 1) – 7 Yrs. Old



I have come to discover that life really is like a box of chocolates, never ever knowing which variety of flavor your pallet will get to chew on or indulge in life.

So all I'm going to say about that is ... thank goodness I am a chocolate lover


(Charisse Arrington)

We'll Start Out Walkin' And Learn To Run — And Yes, We've Just Begun.



As if born of a melody, the strands of music's DNA began to announce its presence early in Singer, Songwriter, Performing & Recording Artist, Charisse Arrington.


Entangled in a lifelong, passionate musical courtship, Charisse's music backstory unfolds in the days of her Chicago childhood. It was the good time days when she and her siblings would gear up with anticipation for summer vacation. Excitedly making their way across the friendly skies to the "Show me state," of magnificent Missouri; it was here they would spend their long summer vacation months with an aunt on their mother's side. It would also be where the seeds of music would begin to whet Charisse's musical appetite, sprouting the the joy of its wonder.

Sing Sing A Song. Sing Out Loud Sing Out Strong...

It came to past, that on a particular country summer, dog-day afternoon, Charisse's aunt would pick up in the air the faint sounds of someone singing. Her curiosity now piqued, Charisse's aunt's broke away from her daily routine of snapping peas and shucking corn to set out on a mission to discover the origin of the sound.


As the aunt traveled the path of the joyful noise, it led her to one of the many bedrooms in her large acred family home. Silently and slowly, she crept up to the door which was slightly ajar and peeked through its cracked opening. Her search led her to discover that the beautiful singing voice she was hearing belonged to...Charisse.


In awe, her aunt stood for a moment just quietly watching. As if in her own private concert, Charisse, this little person of talent, stood fully animated before the mirror with eyes closed, singing with a hairbrush in hand. She had yet to realize that she had the ear and audience of one...her aunt.


Charisse, unabashedly sang her heart out to a country tune that played on one of the southern radio station's channel.


Suddenly, Charisse's aunt swung open the door and excitedly made her way into the bedroom. Startled, thinking she had done something wrong, Charisse nervously dropped her hairbrush. She was now looking up at her aunt, who, with a look of astonishment on her face was standing in the room's entrance. With hands clasped to both sides of her face, her aunt in a loud whisper, punctuated and eked out the words, “CHARISSE, OH MY GOD, YOU CAN SING!” Not yet confident and extremely shy about her singing, Charisse was not sure whether to be afraid or happy. She timidly raised up her eyes, erratically nodding her head up and down in an agreed "yeah, I guess" motion.



 St o ry



Part 1






And When You Get The Choice To Sit It Out Or Dance – I Hope You Dance.

Proud was her aunt, who wasted no time polishing and immersing young Charisse into a regimen of daily, ongoing, vocal workouts and practices. Soon after, she entered her yet to be discovered niece into the local music talent shows around town. Before long, Charisse began to fare well and win a few southern state music competitions. This would begin the honing of her craft.


Throughout the remainder of Charisse’s teenage years; though now only singing mostly around the house and in a couple of contest here and there —

the music never left her side, her radar...and definitely not her heart. 

The throes of music's fever was beginning to brew strongly in her background, carving out a path she was destined to follow. Yet unaware, this would be a dance Charisse could not resist sitting out.