Attention! Attention! Conscious Clean Up Needed On Aisle #1.

We understand that we would never, at least not knowingly, invite a thief into our home.

Nor, would we ever willingly invite a thief to enter into the physical domain that houses our thoughts.

But as we all know, sometimes conscious thieves, against all odds do get in.

When it comes to overseeing our own thoughts, though unsuspecting, the honest part is...we can and do sometimes fall hook line and sinker, becoming an easy prey for the combination of thoughts to be easily hacked.

Sometimes, we visibly leave the mental keys of ourself lying around, or within eyesight, left under the conscious mat. At times, we leave our mind's windows wide opened and unmonitored, forgetting to set the alarm, allowing perfect opportunity for thieving thoughts to gain access.

Though, a definitel 24/7 assignment, it is up to us to resist the mind squatters who would attempt to trigger us into unlocking the temple door of our within.

Yet, it is up to us to evict and remove any thought saboteurs, in whatever their mask, substance or form. The responsibility and oneness lies on us to thwart any and all attempts to cancel out such thoughts from slyly sneaking or pushing their way past our golden mental gates, where it is sure to usher in scores of negative, naysaying relatives, hauling along heavy, filled to the brim, guilt packed baggage and emotional suitcases.

We can rest assured, negative thoughts never sleep and are always one thought away lurking in the shadows. Roaming aimlessly about, on constant stand-by, thoughts opposite our joy survey and scour the mental terrains. Keen on locating the tiniest showing for gaining easy access into the lands of our mind's precious real estate, mean mind thoughts go to work on setting up their hellacious hobo camps, attempting to live rent-free in our head.

Once inside, these obtrusive, negative thoughts waste no time going to work on transfiguring our cerebral penthouse into that of cluttered, mind space confusion. Destructive are such thoughts, seeking to rearrange and damage the environment of lovely mind furniture, and good vibrations decorations, defacing our positive mental walls, hell-bent on stripping away and wall papering over our sound thoughts.

So, if (well, actually more like when) there happens to be a need for a conscious clean up on isle #1, be sure to immediately break the conscious '911' glass, keeping yourself readied with mental broom, dustpan, vacuum, mop, bucket, along with any other arsenal of go-to conscious cleaning supplies.

It would do us all well, to keep on lock and load, our always council of mental janitors, armed to the teeth with deep thought stain, shout-it-out, power-scrubbing abilities. Exactly the super power-wash needed for any thieving thoughts which would dare to chaotically stroll through our mind and leave the residue of its dirty, filthy feet.

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