Be Love...Share Your Light.

Holding back what you know only holds you back. And when you hold yourself back, it limits your experience for what can contribute, help get into and prosper not only the world, but your experience in it.

Consequently, the residuals of holding back in this way only serves to create a causal effect which then limits how you might help to happily grow what gets into the world of others.

As we all know, when we finally move on from this all encompassing journey, the creations we brought forth and the essence of what was once ourselves shall remain behind to live in the earth.

With any hope at all, we will have shared many of the pearls that is our knowledge, brilliance, beauty, talents, skills...our love, that it may go forth and prosper another and the beauty of its adornment be a gift worn around the neck of the world.

When we share and pass along the baton of our love and light, we do so much to benefit and aid others in their walk, bestowing them with opportunity to run faster, farther, with more gusto and clarity of mind...helping to inspire those good things which burn brightest in the lamp of themselves.

Pass the torch of your light along because it matters. Share the lasting library of what you know with others so they may, perhaps, experience breathing life with a bit more ease.

Sharing in this way is not only all the rave, but it is the gift that keeps on giving, instilling in its recipients the good feelings of wanting to keep the sharing legacy spreading, paying its good deeds forward.

For what we give to another...we will have surely (already) given to our beautiful selves. A real win-win for ALL!

The way I see it– to be a single flint brightly lit is no doubt awesome.

But to share the flicker of your flame ... Well, now that's Flickin' ASTOUNDING!

Be Love. Share Your Light.❤️

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