The Constant Gardener

Liberation from any kind of first one with the mind.

We must be the constant gardener who tends to the soil of ourselves, sure to keep mindful vigil over the divine plot of land to which we have been blessedly assigned and bestowed...the plot and prime real estate of our mind.

For the mind can be like that of a beautiful garden or a landmine of awful territorial weeds posing as people, places, and things.

As to whether we choose to farm a beautiful garden or the weeds. Well, that choice is always our own.

Look at any garden that is deemed beautiful in the outside world. This mirrors back to us aspects of the garden that is our own divine consciousness.

For a beautiful garden only became that way and stays that way due to the constant gardener who commits to tend to, maintains, and do all that is required in keeping the ground weed free.

May we be the constant gardener in our own lives

...keeping our hands steady to the mental plow, our thoughts in the highest altitudes of the sky and our feet planted firmly on the conscious ground.

Happy farming my friends! ❤️

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