Un-Check Yourself ☑️

Notice: Please uncheck yourself to Opt-out, Unroll, Unsubscribe, Unlike, Unfriend habits of mental babble and quiet meditation around any troubles which would seek to virally grow itself on your mental radar.

Do all within your might to not allow its ruins to rehearse in your head or its drama to capture your attentions and become the starring role in your thought life show.

Just like weeds in a garden can take root and began to grow when left unattended to its own devices --so goes the same with our thinking. In that, it too can become like a weeded garden producing a crop of not beautiful flowers but of non-serving thoughts.

Allow NO dialogues of inner or outer psycho babble to dig its trenches. Refuse it a habitat to dwell or opportunity to establish its footholds for laying down roots of mass unsoundness in your mind.

Stand guard ready to fend your territory, armed with the fullest of arsenal. Deny entrance for any of its discourse to sign you up on the dotted line, luring you in with decoys and campaign promises that pitch you for your vote and help elect its unworthiness into the lands of your cerebral office.

To Indulge NOT... Simply Un-Check Yourself!

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