Decorated Prisons Of Self-Imposed Suffering

We are imprisoned by our own present concepts of who we think we are.

Thoughts of self imposed suffering transforms into energy misspent. This misspent energy then works to bake its other than tasty cake, ultimately hardening into a 'build your own bear boogymen' fact.

The proof of its crop continues to grow itself making the evidence of itself known by greeting and showing up with its seeded outcomes of suffering in every part of our life.

For many of is clear we have the proper operating faculty to think whatever thoughts we choose.

If such agrees with how we see ourselves and therefore our understandings, then might we also see, surely there is no need to think thoughts of suffering when we can think thoughts of liberation.

After all, there is absolutely NO nobility in intentionally allowing oneself to suffer.

None! Zip! Nada!

Of this speak I know personally. For I have eaten of its sour fruits and reaped its spoiled tasting's more times than I care to mention.

And as we know, there are no good rewards to stash for our tomorrows or be allotted for those who would admit to knowing better, but continue to choose wrongly remaining in the self-imposed wilderness of self.

Possibly, other than the some feat contained in the "Guinness Book of World Records," there are no statues built to honor those who can or has suffered the hardest or longest.

There are no street signs to be inscribed and no street names of prominence bestowed...

There are no scholarships awarded...

There is no anything of value and worth handed out for one who would consciously choose to impose, trespass and self persecute oneself.

May sound like another usual rah-rah, feel-good, massage of words. But, beyond the words, I tell you true–

We wear a crown and walk the earth as Regally Royal.

There is only to claim rightful ownership, to take full possession and title deed of all that which is our bestowed Godly heritage.

For God has already preordained and arranged for the showing of things greater than we could ever imagine.

If only...We just believe.

Less we choose to keep ourselves locked up, remaining behind the prison bars of our own falsely jailed, ill-perceived cognitions and beliefs.

As simple as it sounds, the key to walking free is nearer to thee than we possibly think.

To locate, all we need do is reach into the pocket where all master keys are preserved..

in the pocket that is our own colorful conscious imagination. For all ideas, thoughts, and concepts of who we think we are and what we desire to be begins here first...knitting its magic to draw and out-picture that which eventually becomes evident in our reality.

Not decorated prisons. But rather...liberation.

#Liberation = Think your thoughts. Don't let your thoughts think you!

And so it is...of course, unless it is not.

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