Life As A Test Tube – The Awesome Experiment Of YOU!

HONEST IS ... due to factors of sometimes feeling like we are being hit by a steady stream of life uppercuts and knock you down, drag and count you out 2-by-4's (whew)...we can burn out in having to constantly wash, rinse and re-tweak our steps for attaining the prize of a successful life. Because of, many decide to close and shut down the lab of themselves, throwing in the towel on their dreams, hopes and wishes, concluding that their success experiment was a complete failure.

TRUTH IS ... if we take an unbiased look, we are invited to look beyond the disguise of our understanding and see truth for what it is – which is –we were closer to the finish and achieving the goal than we knew. For had we continued on and pressed forward, the results of our good deposits would have eventually shown up to deliver the outcomes of its harvest. Ultimately, proving that our experiment wasn't a failure at all...but actually a success.

FACT IS ... Life is simply doing what life does. Therefore, it is all about how we choose to look at it and therefore respond. Amongst other things, life is a journey of persistence where we get to discover whatever it is we are looking to discover. With every turn of the dial we are presented with opportunity to know how to better course correct and steady our aim in aligning with hitting the targets of dreams and heart's desire.

MESSAGE IS ... keep going with your good success experiments. YOU are more resilient than you could ever imagine and closer to bagging whatever your dreams than you know!

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